Cleaning supplies

At Orange Works we do not just sell you an espresso machine or grinder. We show you how to maintain your machine and how to keep it in good condition for years of enjoyment.

We offer the following cleaning and preventative maintenance supplies and tools.

inline water filter

Inline water filter

Hard water, especially our Calgary water, can seriously harm your espresso machine. Easy to use inline water filters protect your machine from scaling as well as from sediment entering your machine. The ion exchanger re-chargeable water filter connects to the intake hose of your espresso maker. The filter lasts 30 litres or 250 cups of water. Usually this is around 2 months. Before installing the filter, please make sure the beads inside the filter are wet and expanded.


Espresso machine cleaning brush

Coffee grounds in the portafilter get caught inside the group head during pulling shots. If left, the grounds will interfere with proper connection of the portafilter inside the group head. Use the brush on a daily basis to clean out any coffee grounds. On the other side of the brush is a scoop that can be used to measure Cafiza back flushing soap (see below).


Backflush disk

The backflusing disk or blind filter is used for back flushing your semi-automatic espresso machine. The backflush cleans the group head, the shower screen and the relief valve.