On this page, we are showing you a sampling of what we have to offer. Come to our store to discover all our espresso and coffee accessories.


Reg Barber TampersConcept Art TampersProperly tamping coffee grounds in the portafilter makes a big difference. And there is a big difference in tampers, from plastic tampers included with your machine to state-of-the-art calibrated tampers. At Orange Works we offer tampers from Espresso Works, Espro and Reg Barber.

Espresso Works tampers with an aluminium handle which comes in a variety of colours, and a stainless steel base.Espro Tampers

Espro supplies us with their renowned precision 30 lb factory-calibrated force-feedback tamper.

Reg Barber . . . the name speaks for itself.

Steaming pitcher

Espro Toroid PitchersCuisinox Pitchers

You want to create micro foam or perfect your latte art? Orange Works has the milk steaming pitchers to satisfy your needs.
Cuisinox Pitchers
We carry frothing jugs, steaming pitchers, frothing pitchers, milk jugs from various brands such as Cuisinox, Espro, Rattleware, RSVP and Yami.


Dreamfarm Grindenstein KnockboxRattleware KnockboxKnockboxes are essential to quickly pulling a series of shots. And probably you don’t want to see those coffee stains on the floor from walking to the garbage or sink.
RSVP Knockbox
Knockboxes are supplied by Dreamfarm, Rattleware and RSVP.