Orange Works is specialized in espresso machines, grinders and related equipment. We offer a selection of top quality brands from European and North American manufacturers. We also carry an excellent selection of coffee beans for espresso and regular coffee brewing.

We pride ourselves in having the best price in town and are even competitive with internet stores. If you find a better price elsewhere, come and talk to us . . . we will probably be able to beat it. We also offer package pricing when you buy and machine and a grinder.

Orange Works Espresso Package Deals
Espresso machine: Grinder: Regular: Deal:
Rancilio Silvia Baratza Virtuoso $1268 $1199
Rancilio Silvia Baratza Sette $1488 $1399
Profitec Pro 300 Baratza Vario $2758 $2599
Profitec Pro 700 Profitec Pro T64 $4998 $4699
Profitec Pro 800 Profitec Pro T64 $5298 $4799
Rocket Cellini Evoluzione Rocket Fausto $3998 $3599
Rocket Giotto Evoluzione Rocket Fausto $3998 $3599
Rocket R58 Rocket Fausto $4748 $4299
Expobar Brewtus IV Compak K3T Polished $3198 $2999
Expobar Brewtus IV-R Compak K3T Polished $3398 $3199
ECM Mechanika Compak E5 $3994 $3599

Rancilio Logo Rancilio in made in Italy and is well known for its Silvia espresso machine and Rocky grinders. We carry both as regular stock items.
Expobar Logo Expobar Spanish made, high quality espresso machines for a competitive price made. Orange Works carries the Brewtus, Lever and Pulser models.
Rocket Logo Rocket manufactured in Milan, Italy are renowned for their quality and estetics. Orange Works carries the Appartamento, Cellini, Giotto and R58 models.
Profitec logo Profitec efficiently designed in Germany are known for quality and workmanship. Orange Works carries the Pro 300, 500, 700 and 800 models.
ECM logo ECM, a legendary brand, now designed in Germany and offering superior quality. Orange Works offers the Classika, Mechanika, Technika, Synchronika and Controvento models.
Baratza grinders logo Baratza Canada’s best selling coffee grinders straight from Seattle. Orange Works offers the entire range of Baratza grinders in their espresso equipment line-up.
Compak grinders logo Compak another line from Spain offers professional and pro-sumer grinders of the highest quality. Orange Works offers the K3 Touch and Elite and the E5 OD in their espresso equipment line-up. Commercial models upon request.
Breville logo Breville delivers great coffee related products. We have selected Breville’s best espresso machines: The Dual Boiler and the Oracle. Orange Works offers these machines as special order items.