Bristot Italian Espresso Coffee

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Orange Works is proud to offer Bristot – true Italian espresso – coffee in our store.

Bristot philosophy:
The Bristot philosophy has not changed one bit since the day the brand was founded: Bristot’s signature features continue to be quality and excellence. Way back in 1919, the founder Domenico Bristot set to work on a research project aimed at allowing him to make his dream come true. That dream was the creation of a top-quality blend of coffee that could be used to make the perfect Italian espresso, and to fulfil it he carefully selected the very best raw coffee beans straight from the producers, then used increasingly innovative technologies to blend and roast them. Today, 90 years on from the foundation of the coffee roasting company, Bristot’s philosophy remains unchanged: top-quality products and first-rate service.

The Bristot Selection:

bristot classicobristot espressobristot buongustobristot specialebristot tizianobristot sublime
Classico: The full, rich flavour of the finest Robusta varieties mixed with well-balanced Arabica beans creates an espresso with a powerful taste, topped with a persistent cream.
Espresso: Selected Robusta varieties enriched with Brazilian Arabica beans create a particularly full-bodied blend with a full, intense flavour, typical of the true Italian espresso.
Speciale: With its intense, creamy, full-bodied flavour, this blend is a pleasant balance of Arabica and Robusta varieties, and produces an espresso with notes of citrus, a chocolatey aftertaste and a hint of toasted bread.
Buongusto: Arabica beans and classy Asian Robusta varieties feature in this blend, which has a particularly rich body and complex, intense aromas.
Tiziano: A blend of fine quality, Brazilian and central American Grand Cru arabica coffee, enrichened with a hint of the spiced and full bodied flavour of the Indian Robusta coffees. A surprisingly well-balanced blend, distinguished by a refined and intense aroma, full bodied with spicy and tropical fruit notes and a round mellow flavour. A perfect balance between strength, aroma and acidity.
Sublime: Arabica Santos beans from Brazil come together with fruity high-mountain Central American varieties to create a nicelybalanced, intensely aromatic espresso, with a full-bodied flavour and good acidity.

Bristot coffee cups and glasses:
Besides excellent Bristot coffee, Orange Works also offers authentic Bristot Latte, Cappuccino and Espresso Cups and Saucers, and the Bristot Espresso Glasses.

bristot-coffee-espresso-cup-and-saucer bristot-coffee-cappuccino-cup-and-saucer bristot-coffee-espresso-glass

Coffee bean freshness:
There is some discussion about freshness of coffee beans. Local roasters proclaim the fresher-is-better mantra as if we are talking about a loaf of bread. Italian roasters have a different point of view, they explain that roasted coffee beans need to mature just like a good wine. Optimal espresso bean maturity for Bristot’s offering is 3 months to 1 year. Their packaging is optimized for the maturation process. Bristot coffee stays consistant. This means that the beans in your hopper stay in better condition and you do not have to change your grinder settings, as is common with local fresh roasted beans.

An independent article describes the freshness definition: